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Who let the beast out?

Last week's episode of Arrow introduced a new but not new character, she is fast, she is strong and she got attitude, she is Vixen. She was first introduced to the Arrowverse in a 6 episodes animated series on the CW Seed. The character designs were done by one of my favorite artist Phil Bourassa of WB animation. I was again honored to team up with (superhero) costume designer Maya Mani for Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow to do the concept illustration for the live action debut of Vixen who is played by actress Megan Echikunwoke. Now CW President Mark Pedowit says Vixen could get her own live-action spinoff or join Legends of Tomorrow. Below is the concept illustration I did of Vixen. Enjoy!

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Escape from Earth 2

This week's episode of Flash, the Flash, Harrison 2 and Cisco took a trip to Earth 2 Central City. It was an awesome action packed and fun episode. A TON of easter eggs especially while the team is in the speed canon tunnel we got a glimpse of John Wesley Shipp's Flash from the 1990 series, Supergirl and Jonah Hex. They also encounter Killer Frost, Deathstorm and other dobblegangers. Jay Garrick also put back on his Flash suit for awhile. So here are 2 concepts of characters from Earth 2 I got to work on with costume designer Maya Mani, Jay Garrick Flash and Dr Light. Both of these were tricky in the sense that they were simple costumes in the comics, and Earth 2 characters seem to embrace the source abit closer. So to just have the right amount of details while not over complicating the design and ruining the nice iconic images of the comic characters were a delicate balance.

In the future, you are all - LEGENDS.

The 3rd episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow will air tonight. Here are some of the concept of the  'Legends' we have seen on the show that I haven't posted before - White Canary and Firestorm.

The 2 parts pilot were off to a strong start and it looks like they are only going to be more epic as the show goes on. Just a week ago, Stephen Amell - Arrow himself have told the world that he will be on Legends of Tomorrow as future Green Arrow with the iconic goatee and an missing arm. I had the chance to conceptualize that version of Arrow a while back. Also Jonah Hex and other characters to come!

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Hawkman and Hawkgirl

Concepts of Hawkman and Hawkgirl for the Arrow/Flash crossover this year which they also are 2 of the leads in the new DC's Legends of Tomorrow premiere on Jan 21st 2016. Hawkman played by actor #FalkHentschel and Hawkgirl played by actress #CiaraRenee.

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Inktober Day 2 : Skeletor

Original pen & ink
Final color
Alternate version with limited palette

Day 2, gotta have Skeletor to go with Heman, I was having such a struggle committing to the background color because I felt like it should have a more limited palette like the Heman one. What do you think?!

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Inktober Day 1 : Heman

Original pen & ink sketch
Final color

Alternate color
So this is the first time I've participated in the Inktober event. It happens every year where you do a drawing a day for the month of October using ink related medium. I've been spending abit more time lately actually drawing in my sketchbook so I've been having a blast! You all should participate in Inktober.

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HaHaHappy Joker Day ?!

 Sorry for the Batman/Joker art bombs, just messing around with backgrounds and combinations.
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Arrow season 3 and The Flash season 1 on Bluray Legends and concepts.

Arrow season 3 and The Flash season 1 were finally released on Bluray yesterday! Some fans did not find the 3rd season of Arrow as good as the previous but for me it was an action pack season to design on. There is a costume design section in the special features of Arrow talking with the Costume Designer of they show #MayaMani about the process of conceiving the outfits of Arrow universe. It also features some of the illustrations I did for this seasons including #Speedy and #Katanna which I haven't shown yet but here they are since they are now on Bluray.
It has been abit slow on the design posts lately especially on the DC front because I've been working on the new seasons of Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow which I can't talk about yet. Though they have just shown the very first image of Hawkman and Hawkgirl in their costumes, don't worry the wings will be CG. Jay Garrick has also been featured quite heavily in the latest trailer for Flash season 2.

The Flash season 2 trailer

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The Green Arrow in SDCC 2015

With San Diego Comic Con just came to an end, a lot of the videos of the panels and trailers are now online. So many cool trailers for all the fans, Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, Deadpool and Xmen Apocalypse. For me personally, the one closest to myself was the WB/DC television panel that includes Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham. I've been working on quite a few character concepts for the past few months gearing up to all 3 of the shows, one of the more anticipated one and I can now finally say it, The Green Arrow. They actually revealed the suit by having the actor Stephen Amell wearing the 3.0 suit out on stage and announced that he is the Green Arrow.So that's pretty cool right? There is more. I have also been working on a new look for Diggle as well, and they actually reveal the concept I did on screen in Hall H. Yes Hall H, which to any comic book fan Hall H is like the cathedral of all cool comic movie trailers and news. So now July 11th 2015 marks a very special day for me as an artist and a comic nerd, I made it to Hall H! I think they also had plans to reveal Hawkgirl, Hawkman and the Firestorm concepts I did because they asked me for the high resolution images, but probably decided not to show too much. Hopefully they'll reveal the rest in the near future. Below is a link of the panel itself and the promotional image they released after the reveal of the suit.

WB/CW panel video

The A.T.O.M project

We finally get to see the ATOM suit in full action in the latest episode of Arrow 'Suicidal Tendencies'. I was lucky enough to get a chance to go on set today to see the ATOM suit up close in person. This was probably one of the coolest and definitely proudest concept I've ever done. I was shocked when I first heard about the producers' idea of an exosuit from costume designer Maya Mani. I literally paused and said 'EXOSUIT ? for TV? Like EXO-Skeleton armor? Really?' and the answer was 'YES'. I was in joy of course. Not often you get to participate and help conceptualize in such ambitious design for a TV show, and it will have to be a functional practical suit that Brandon Routh will wear. I'm more familiar with the traditional spandex Atom suit from the comic and cartoon, and have only see a picture of 2 from some of the latest New 52 comic version where he has some sort of armor and helmet. I tried to emulate the feel of the traditional blue and red pattern as much as possible while keeping it still more on the grounded sci fi armor. I was so excited when I saw a little lighting test they did on a 3D printed 1/6 Maquette of the suit on Brandon. When they finally release the first photo of Brandon wearing the suit in full lighting, I had the biggest geek out moment screaming in studio to get all my coworker to check it out. Lots of amazing talents did lots of hard work into this suit, I'm glad that most people feel really positive about it. Either you like it or not as the ATOM, it is a pretty cool suit on an amazing actor. Stay tune, more cool stuff to come!

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Running backward - Reverse Flash

After the mid season finale, The Flash came back with a mind blowing episode that not only introduces the beginning of time traveling, but also revealed Harrison Well's true identity as Eobard Thawne from the future. We finally get to see Wells in the actual Reverse Flash suit. So here are 2 concepts of the Reverse Flash suits that are pretty close to the final suit in the show. The suit in the show ended up having a bit less dark grey armor than the concepts. It was pretty exciting that I got to illustrate the Reverse Flash, and I knew that it is Harrison Wells who is in the suit but I had no idea what his true identity was and the whole back story. Can't wait to see what other amazing plot twists the awesome producers and writers have for us as we are getting closer and closer to the end of the first season! Stay tune, more cool stuff coming!

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Carrying the torch - Black Canary

Work has been super busy so I'm slacking on posts. Here is the concept of Laurel Lance Black Canary for season 3 of Arrow. After the dramatic cliff hanger mid season finale of Arrow, Starling city was left unprotected in the absence of Arrow. Arsenal and Diggle helped to pick up the slack and so did Laurel. Laurel decided to follow her sister Sara's footstep and become the Canary. I thought she would put on Sara's jacket and adapt to that but turned out she has her very own suit. She still has a long way to go to truly become the ass kicking Black Canary.
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Arrow gets some upgrade.

Back in December, CW had a super awesome crossover event in the 8th episode of Arrow and Flash. During the Arrow episode, Oliver got some little upgrades to his suit. The 2 concepts above probably gives a little better look at the modifications. The strap for the quiver is more like a bandolier now that holds special trick arrow tips. There are flechette holders added to his left arm, lower back and his thighs. 2 seams were added at the lower front of jacket which makes it feel abit more like the lines of the abs which we all know Oliver Queen has, but also for the new jacket belt to loop through that holds 2 side pouches.
Now here is the fun one, below is a 'blooper version' which I added a green boxing glove on the bandolier with the other trick arrow tips as a homage to the classic boxing glove arrow. The awesome thing is that they actually figured a really smart way to create the classic boxing glove arrow in one of the episodes in season 3! I wonder if they saw the blooper illustration and got some ideas. 
More cool things to come!
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The Demon - Ra's Al Ghul

So Arrow is on the mid season break right now after the epic mid season finale. Please go watch it if you haven't because it was awesome! So here is my concept illustrations of the Demon himself once again working with the fantastic costume designer Maya Mani and her costume department. I did this illustration before they cast the actor Matt Nable. There were rumors that 'The Mummy returns" actor Oded Fehr was on the list and Niam Neeson from the Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight triology is interested, so I tried to gave my Ra's a hybrid of both actors' qualities. This was another one of those I can check it off my list illustration of an iconic comic book character that I wouldn't have thought I would be able to work on. I'm that close to the Batman world! I can't wait til the second half of the season starts again since we were left with the big SPOILER 'cliffhanger' and a much better view of the A.T.O.M exo-suit hologram. Much much more cool things to come so stay tune and have a great holiday!

The Demon, the Bird and the Atom

So its almost mid season finale of Arrow, and they have been revealing some pretty cool characters. First they gave us the first glimpse of Ra's Al Ghul at the end of episode 4 'The Magician'. Last week they released official photos of Laurel Lance as Black Canary. At the end of this week's episode, they've gave a nice sneak peak of the hologram render of Ray Palmer's A.T.O.M exosuit that I have the pleasure to illustrate. It is one of the coolest thing I've got to do and definitely I can cross that one off my list, can't wait to see the full suit on Palmer.

The Flash episode 2 - Multiplex

In the second episode of The Flash, Flash faces a villain whose power is the ability to multiply himself. Cisco Ramon made up the name Captain Clone for him half way through the episode and at the end he gave him a name that are more familiar to the comic book fans - Multiplex. He was the the first character I got to worked on for The Flash. Like the first season of Arrow, the villains are not quite villainy yet and stilll very grounded visually.

Roy is Arsenal and he kicked butt.

So the long way was over, here is the concept for Arsenal. Season 3 of Arrow premiered on Wednesday this week and it was full of awesomeness and surprises. Roy finally made his debut as Arsenal in his full fancy outfit. When I say fancy, I mean fancy even Stephen Amell (Arrow) himself has joked about now he has the second coolest in one of his comic con appearances. I'm super happy how this one turns out in person and on screen, costume designer Maya Mani and her team did such an amazing job on it and definitely set a new high bar for the show. Go team Arrow!